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As ‘Nanku Distributors’ you can be rest assured we have
everything you need including adhesive tapes, postal
and protective packaging, garage rolls, tissue paper and
much more. We also wholesale pallet wrap film– in fact, all
our products. In addition you benefit from the expertise
and experience you get from our dedicated personnel .
Nanku is a second generation business and we’ve been
helping companies with their packaging supplies for the
last 10 years. In the early days, we spent a lot of time on the
phone or in the car driving around Gauteng and
surrounding areas, chatting to people in business, just
like you.
We wanted to ask questions and share information. Find
out what you wanted from your packaging, and how you
might do it a better way.
Time and technology’s moved on, but we still prefer to
keep in touch personally. That’s why when you pick up the
phone today, you speak to a person and not an
automated machine. That person’s here on site, too and is
happy to tell you all you need to know. And when you do
call Nanku, you can expect plenty of practical experience
and expertise because the best people enjoy working
Our team constantly test our products, making sure all of
our products are right for the way your goods need to be
packaged. The more questions they ask, the more
innovative our product range becomes. Lighter, more
durable, less wasteful, smarter packaging means you get
more value and better business efficiency, whilst
maintaining peace of mind knowing your goods are still
safe in transit.
At Nanku, you’ll appreciate a high level of service and
support you only get from a company with our experience,
plus the knowledge that environmental issues are a
major consideration in the way we work.
If you want to know how you could make your packaging
operations easier, safer and a little less costly, please get
in touch.


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